And I also began to finish, as deep as possible trying to throw out the sperm. After a while, we quieted down, I got out of Inna, and she literally collapsed sideways on the sofa. I took Rita and we moved so that Inna could see us. I laid Rita on my side and, lifting her leg, pressed my mouth to her little cave. First caressed the clitoris, then walked on the lips, then penetrated into the vagina, moved to the ass. Caressed the border of the vagina and anus, and then began to circle the tongue around. Then he returned to the clitoris with his tongue, and first introduced one, then two fingers into the vagina, and a little later he moved one finger to the anus and began to circle around, gradually approaching the hole. Rita groaned in her voice, and Inna looked, wide-eyed (for the umpteenth time). I began to press on the hole of the anus and slightly penetrated into it.
He guessed that Vika also liked Ivan. When Slava and Vika met by chance in the store, she asked where she and Ivan were walking so that she would join them. He then refused, they did not need it at that moment. The lesson went well, I didnt even notice how 2 hours flew by, during which, in addition to the educational material, I found out that Maria Vladimirovna lives alone with her daughter, and that they separated from her husband half a year ago. The woman did not give out any more personal information.
Anya put on her dress and went back, although I was against it.
"I did not think that an orgasm could be without sex. And that my breasts are so sensitive"
- So we will stand on the threshold or will you still miss it? - brother did not stand on ceremony much and soon we were sitting and drinking tea.
Good boy. she said, looking me straight in the eyes, I want to show you something.